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Migalla's American Bulldogs


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Puppies for Sale

Our friends have puppies for sale.  These puppies are out of Blue Blood Bulldog's Goldberg(BBB's Grand Champion Major Bully of SS X BBB's Bonnie Rayett) and Bad to the Bone's Cady Belle(Bama's Best Kubla Kahn X BBB's Fine China).  These puppies were born on April 27, 2002 and puppy # 5 was born on April 28, 2002.  They are 13 weeks old.  These puppies are a very colorful and will be champion bound American Bulldogs in many events.  These pups are looking for good owners and if interested please Jeff and Heather Wilkins at 678-450-0785 or  You may also click on any puppy picture and it will take you to their site.

BBB's Goldberg-Sire

Proud Mother: Cady Belle

Puppy # 2 Male
This Puppy is SOLD!

Puppy # 4 Female

Puppy #1 Male

Puppy # 3 Male This puppy is SOLD!!
Proud owners: Who's Your Bulldog?

Puppy # 5 Female
This one is SOLD!!!!

Please contact us with any questions and we have more pictures that we could send to you of the pups or parents.  Thanks for looking!!!